Goodbye, for now

17 Nov

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Thank you for your support, subscriptions, and feedback over these past six years.

This independent project began as a self-exploratory endeavor in 2006; WordPress was three years strong. However, it soon grew into something more validating and life affirming than that with tens of thousands of unique visitors to date- humble for the Internet, but steady and impressive in its own right. I have been extremely fortunate to garner freelance opportunities, nods from publishing and advertising agencies (particular thanks to WordAds for reaching out and welcoming this blog aboard), speaking engagements, and most importantly, cherished connections and lifelong friendships with many who are much more dedicated and talented than me; they make their livelihood out of what I’ve kept as an enduring hobby. Now, I have made the difficult decision to move on from this eclectic, personal comfort zone and reinvent myself, to focus my direction.

It will take time, but I believe anything worth the effort should be built to last, as Chi Speak did for so many years.


With heartfelt appreciation,


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