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Important Note:I am a trained mental health professional, but cannot diagnose or medicate psychological disorders; I am also not licensed to accept private and/or online clients. My counseling services are restricted to educational settings where I consult with and refer to outside agencies on an as-needed, employed basis. The content contained in this blog and related social network channels does not suggest, promote, establish a counselor-client relationship, or offer therapeutic counseling services or advisement in any way.

You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical or mental health advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking, disregard, or discontinue any type of medical and/or mental health treatment because of information on this website.

If this is an emergency, or believe you or someone you know may be at risk for suicide or bodily harm, please contact your local authorities (US: 911) or call 1-800-SUICIDE. To Write Love on Her Arms and the International Suicide Prevention Directory also list a myriad of useful, specific resources based on topic and/or location. I encourage you to consult with an offline professional who can provide you with assistance and address your concerns.

There is no shame or weakness in seeking help. In fact, doing so proves you are brave, courageous, and strong. Take care.

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Website Disclaimer operates as a lifestyle weblog. The information provided, including content, sources, and outgoing links may not remain up-to-date, accurate, or available. This holds true for most of the Internet. Therefore, readers must use caution, especially when clicking on external links, as the content and third-party holder may not remain the same as originally intended. Rachel and/or is not liable for any inaccuracies posted. Readers access this weblog with the understanding that this site is written from a personal perspective and may contain biases and inaccuracies as content is published regularly and not often revisited for revisions.

Content Rating and Warning is written with a wide readership audience in mind. Most content posted, including written and photographic, are intended to be safe for a general or parent-guided audience. However, content may sometimes veer toward a more mature audience, especially when discussing psychological and relationship topics. Rachel and/or is also not responsible for altered interpretation of site content caused by incorrect spelling, punctuation, grammar, translations into languages other than English, or unintended meanings due to ever-evolving slang words and meanings (the word sponge might be able to incite some to riots someday, and I have no control over it). Readers are strongly encouraged and advised to use discretion, common sense, and to leave if not satisfied with the nature of the content written on

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Readers’ private information, such as names, IP addresses, e-mail addresses and website URLs will never be sold to any third-party. Readership confidentiality cannot be maintained when matters necessitate the involvement of any legal authority or power. Strong efforts are taken to secure such information, but data transmitted through forms and across Internet servers are not controlled by, and therefore, Rachel cannot guarantee security or confidentiality through these means. Personal information, such as bank account information, account logins (usernames and/or passwords), criminal history, the answer to the age old question ‘boxers or briefs?’, social security numbers, and other identifying information will never be collected or asked of’s readers. Damages caused by readers’ disclosure is without warranty or liability, as Rachel and/or would never request, and therefore never have to safeguard such information. Public questions and commentary submitted in reply to a published entry or across social networks can never be privatized or secured.

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However, consideration will still be given to proposals for freelance opportunities or submission for publication to third-party sites utilizing Google AdSense. is not maintained for the purpose of monetary acquisition as of the posting of this disclaimer. This disclaimer is subject to change at any time, as may evolve toward self-hosting in the future, and therefore, eventually accept paid-to-blog sponsorships and advertisements.

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